Make an exponential impact

Join the Stand United 4 Christ community so your giving and serving reaches so many more people than you could on your own.

Get Involved

How We Work

With so many needs in the world, no act of giving and serving should go unnoticed. When you join the Stand United 4 Christ community, your giving and serving makes an exponential impact.

Each SU4C member commits to donating at least one share ($16 each) per month. One dollar of each share goes toward a nonprofit serving people in one of the 14 need areas. (The other $2 goes back to Stand United 4 Christ to support our operations.) And as local service projects come available, Members are also encouraged to serve with our vetted nonprofits.

With the goal of assembling 1 million members, each of our partner organizations will receive $1 million per month! That means exponentially more people receive help and care, and more nonprofits thrive.

Who Can Get Involved

Individuals & Families

Commit to serving together and giving monthly share(s) to our ministry.

Churches & Church Groups

Gather your local body of Christ to serve together and grow with Him.


Incorporate serving and giving into your public, private, or homeschool programs.

Businesses & Organizations

Make charitable giving part of your organization.

Our Nonprofits

Let us help you serve more people.