Stand United 4 Christ 101

Get a more detailed look at the ins and outs of our organization, how we work, and our passion for serving nonprofits and caring for the least of these.


How does Stand United 4 Christ work?

As a member of Stand “United 4 Christ, you commit to donating at least one share ($16 each) per month. One dollar of each share goes toward a nonprofit serving people in one of the 14 need areas. The additional $2 goes back to Stand United 4 Christ and to help offset other fees. Members are also encouraged to serve with our vetted nonprofits.

How much is a monthly share?

A single monthly share is $16 per person. A SU4C member can choose to give more than one share per month.

How is the money divided?

One dollar of each share goes toward a nonprofit serving people in one of the 14 need areas.

What nonprofits do you serve?

Please see Our Nonprofits page for a full listing.

Why couldn't I just give directly to the organization of my choosing?

We would absolutely support an individual’s decision to give directly to one of our partner organizations. Our goal is not to detract in any way from people who want to support their ministries. In fact, if SU4C is able to connect a believer to an organization where they feel led to commit their service, we will praise God for working through SU4C for the advancement of His kingdom.


We created Stand United 4 Christ to unite believers in the common cause of effectively reaching “the least of these” with the love of Christ. Our vision is to establish an outlet for Christians to stand together to proclaim the name of Christ in a fallen world. We do this by  providing funding to organizations that are ministering to those who are often overlooked, disadvantaged, or forgotten. In addition, we are establishing a company of servants ready to serve our partner organizations where opportunity is available. We believe you will find value in receiving clear feedback of the impact your donations are making, in obtaining opportunities to serve in a diversity of need areas, and in partnering with believers to accomplish more than you ever could on your own.

How are our nonprofits vetted?
The primary criteria are:
  • Must comply with ECFA, 4-Star Charity Navigator, or Platinum Guidestar standards or equivalent for fiscal responsibility and transparency.
  • Must have a history of directed finances primarily utilized for meeting the prescribed need.
  • Must have a history of success in meeting the specific area of need in which the money is directed.
  • Must provide feedback of successes gained from resources provided.
  • Must provide service opportunities for members to become directly (if appropriate, otherwise indirectly) involved in impacting the work.
  • Must be able to impact a minimum level of national coverage for service provided.
  • Must perform services in the name of Jesus and for the purpose of expressing His love to a hurting world.
Why is adding my credit card processing fee to my donation an option?

When you choose to cover the cost of your credit card processing fee, you ensure the nonprofits do not have to take on those costs themselves.


A credit card processing fee is used to pay banks, credit card companies, and other financial companies the fees they require to transfer money. Stand United 4 Christ does not profit from these fees. No matter where you donate (to SU4C or directly to the nonprofit), all charities have some credit card processing fees. SU4C explains those costs and gives you the opportunity to cover those costs, guaranteeing more money goes toward the nonprofit’s work.

What are the benefits of signing up for direct bank transfer?

Electronic bank transfer costs less than credit card processing fees, which means more money goes directly to the nonprofits. Additionally, banks don’t have expiration dates, unlike credit cards. By using electronic bank transfer, you won’t need to regularly update your information, ensuring a less likely chance of an interruption in your donation to the nonprofits.